Steel structures and pressure vessels

ISCO has a technologically advanced production plant specializing in the prefabrication of steel structures and pressure vessels, which complements the service activities of the group.

Complex steel constructions are manufactured under the supervision of specialized managerial and engineering staff. 
Certified welding quality management systems ISO 3834 and Factory Production Control (PN-EN 1090) guarantee products of the highest European quality.

ISCO offers services in the area of:

  • design, construction and assembly of steel structures,
  • MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA welding,
  • plasma cutting, gas cutting,
  • hydraulic guillotine cutting,
  • sheet rolling and winding,
  • hydraulic bending

Additionally, as part of many years’ collaboration with our cooperators, we perform:

  • sandblasting / shot blasting,
  • hot-dip galvanizing and electrolytic galvanizing,
  • quenching,
  • precision laser cutting.

As part of the production of pressure vessels, we specialize in the construction of ammonia cooling tanks. In addition to our own production orders, we also deliver our products to the leading refrigeration industry companies as well as to end users.

That’s why our offer includes:

– steel, galvanized, stainless, enamelled, epoxidised pressure and non-pressure vessels
– hot water storage tanks,
– buffer tanks and hydrophores,
– cooling tanks, including:

  • Horizontal Liquid Separators;
  • Liquid Tanks;
  • Thermosiphon Tanks;
  • Interstage Coolers;
  • Oil Tanks;
  • Economisers;

– low loss headers
– compressed air tanks / balancing tanks,
– air, condensate, glycol, chilled water tanks, etc.
- air separators,
– U-tube manometers,

and other products according to documentation provided by the customer.