ISCO Sp. z o.o. company has a technologically advanced production plant specializing in steel processing. The plant services complement the offer of GRUPA BUDOWLANA GI POLSKA, a dynamically developing company with nearly 30 years of experience in the refrigeration and construction market, which relies on expert assets, such as technical staff of the construction and industrial refrigeration market as well as effective managerial staff.



Laser cutting

You are welcome to use our new service – laser sheet cutting. You can purchase sheets and have them cut in one place.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is performed with the use of a highly concentrated electric arc.

Hydraulic guillotine cutting

We provide metal sheet cutting services with the use of a CNC guillotine, which makes it possible to cut straight shapes with straight cut lines.

Hydraulic bending

Sheet bending at press brake is carried out with the use of CNC technology.

Sheet rolling and winding

We offer rolling and winding of cones and cylindrical parts made of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Steel structures and pressure vessels

ISCO has a technologically advanced production plant specializing in the prefabrication of steel structures and pressure vessels.


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